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The Java Room is much more than your standard coffee house. With enough items to satisfy breakfast, lunch, dinner, and beyond, The Java Room brings you a complete lineup of mouth watering fare made from the freshest, finest, and purest ingredients. Click on the links below to browse our menus.

From the most finely tuned espresso beverages to the widely popular creamy chai to fruity blended concoctions, The Java Room creates drinks that will please every palate. All drinks are specially made to accommodate your tastes.

The Java Room offers much more than just beverages. Spend some time here and you will find a great assortment of goodies to munch on, including freshly baked breakfast pastries, made to order wraps, hand tossed salads, daily hot soups, and of course decadent desserts.

Corporate functions, business lunches, holiday celebrations, graduation parties, quiet home gatherings - give your event some style and flair without even touching a pot or pan! Whether it is breakfast, lunch, dinner, or just dessert and coffee, The Java Room catering is there for all your business and social needs.

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